‘Lone Ranger’ play set coming to ‘Disney Infinity’ video game

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Wild West-loving gamers can take the reins as the Lone Ranger or Tonto in the newest “Disney Infinity” play set, revealed Thursday.

Inspired by Disney’s upcoming film “The Lone Ranger,” a reboot of the classic radio show and TV series, the Disney Infinity figurines are cuter versions of their live-action counterparts — Armie Hammer as the masked ex-Texas Ranger and Johnny Depp as his American Indian sidekick. (Click through the gallery above for a peek at the characters.)

Each “Disney Infinity” figurine contains a complete story, allowing the characters to be “transported” into the game — a concept similar to the massively popular video game franchise “Skylanders.” The action figures store players’ game progress and settings. Players also have access to a Toy Box mode — a sandbox in which gamers can build their own worlds and share them with other players. In addition to “The Lone Ranger,” play…

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Disney Infinity: John Vignocchi interview


Tom Hoggins speaks to Disney Interactive’s executive producer about the challenge, risk and reward of Disney’s ambitious new video game and toy line.

LoneRanger_3_2584242b[1]The Lone Ranger, played by Armie Hammer in the Disney film Photo: DISNEY

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by Tom Hoggins (courtesy Telegraph.co.uk)

Released later this year, Disney Infinity is the boldest video game product yet from the house of Mickey.

Incorporating a versatile video game and a line of Disney figurines that you can use to access content in-game, Infinity is the first time that Disney’s myriad characters have come together under one banner.

It will go into direct competition with Activision’s hugely popular Skylanders franchise, and Disney hope to have the edge by using its most famous faces – such as The Incredibles, Captain Jack Sparrow and the just announced Lone Ranger – and allowing players to create their own…

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Disney Infinity



Today was the second day of the cars masters at downtown Disney, apparently a big car show with several venders. Food trucks, gift trucks, monster trucks, and the reason I went Disney Infinity preview.
So got home from work, hopped online and did the Facebook stalk, and I saw that Amy from the relocated tourist had just been over to Downtown Disney and they were giving away a figure from the game after you got a chance to play it! What the?! Preview a new game that I have been following for a bit online and a free anything from Disney? I was out the door. I texted her and got the Specifics, they are open till 6 and on the “west side”. In my car I was and 20 minutes later I was running, literally, over to the area behind Bongos. I passed several wet people as ….you guessed…

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Disney Infinity – Toy Box Mode Great For Imaginative Play


When I was a kid a good few years ago I remember being given a Space Invaders game. It was one of those clunky black plastic monstrosities that any child would happily have sold his sibling to obtain and provided many hours of entertainment late at night under the bed sheets when my parents thought I was asleep. One dimensional game-play and the simplest of objectives didn’t make the game any less compelling. Move over the early 1980s and take a look at what our kids have to look forward to now! I’m going to leave aside the discussion over whether or not kids should be playing video games as that’s a particular can of worms that it will take more than this blog post to cover.

Disney Infinity launches this August and you can see that it’s an idea that has the hallmarks of success stamped all over it…

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Project Spark – Create the Game!


Born out of a heritage of sandbox games that allow you to define the world around you, Microsoft showcased Project Spark at E3 this year. It rapidly became one of the most talked about “games” at the show.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Project Spark is just another iteration of Minecraft or Second Life. Microsoft are doing something very special with Project Spark.

So what is Project Spark? Simply it’s a game creation interface, but unlike games development environments like the Unreal Engine or Unity, anyone could pick up project Spark and create a game. However this explanation doesn’t do it justice.

Take a look at Minecraft and the first thing you’ll notice is that the graphics look like a game out of the early 90s. I know people will argue with me here that Minecraft has a sort of retro aesthetic beauty but personally I don’t see…

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